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Why you should play Monster hunter rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter is a long running franchise featuring dozens of games


Posted by ayra on 2nd July 2022

Why You Should Play Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak:


Monster Hunter is a long running franchise featuring dozens of games. What started as a niche series of games on the PS2 and handheld Nintendo consoles have now utterly exploded into popularity with the release of the two latest entries of the series, Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise.

With the release of Monster Hunter Rise’s expansion “Sunbreak”, now is as good a time as ever to talk about how the series differentiates itself from other action games of its ilk and how it has managed to remain as the sole champion in its genre.

The gameplay:

While Monster Hunter can broadly be called an action game, it’s extremely unique in how it plays in comparison to most other action games out there. Attacks feel slow and clunky, you spend almost half of the time outside of combat in preparation for the actual combat, the enemies you do fight have a huge amount of health and can deal insane damage in a single hit, potentially even one-shotting you at times. It, in many ways, feels unwelcoming and unforgiving especially in its earlier stages.

It’s not until you get used to the game’s rhythm and pace, and start playing it on its own terms that it really clicks. Monster Hunter is an action game that’s not really about action its actually about, and do forgive my pretentious tone here, hunting. Hunting who? Well monsters of course! It’s very direct in its name and that’s where both its simplicity and complexity lies.

Monster Hunter is sort of like a boss rush, going from boss to boss and struggling against brutal foes until you finally emerge victorious, but what makes it unique is how those bosses behave. Unlike other games with boss fights like Elden Ring or Devil May Cry, the bosses are always wild animals that function in their own special ecosystem. They function upon a hierarchy just as animals and humans do in real life and Monster Hunter demands that we respect their spot in the food chain. A fight in Monster Hunter isn’t a ballet or a dance between two excellent fighters. It’s a struggle, a brutal slugfest between man and nature, it’s savage it’s primal. You carve the monsters skin and bones so you can make stronger weapons and armors so you can in turn hunt greater monsters. It’s a struggle of man to overcome nature and in that sense its almost weirdly inspiring.


While the franchise is more popular today, it’s still relatively niche. It can also be hard to get into since there are a lot of different games in the series spanning over a decade. The best starting point however is Monster Hunter Rise, and with the release of Sunbreak, there is no better to time to get into the series than the present.