In marketing, I must be able to express my opinions in a few seconds. I must be able to sell in under 15 seconds. The “elevator pitch” as it’s more commonly known. This blog is an ongoing documentation of everything and anything that is available for purchase. From products and eats to wears and repairs.

Products consist of the extraordinary to the everyday mundane. Stationary, fragrance, body soaps, toilet paper, appliances, light bulbs, hangers. Everything.

Eats will be focused more towards how my partner and I eat. So this segment may not be for everyone, especially if you like fatty foods and red meat. This category will also discuss well-being after eating these foods, the bodily reactions and response to such, and also weight control.

Wears will not be a thing of glamour blogs. Regular and necessary wears like shoes, slacks, skirt, undergarments, outerwear.

And finally Repairs– Anything used in the house; Mostly cleaners, brooms/mops, sponges and tools.

Each product review will include an original photo (feel free to use with a credit to everything-blog.com), a usage review, and then a marketing/design review.

Comments are welcome on each item post but must be from registered subscribers. Comments are held until approved by an editor.

Enjoy, search and bookmark this page!

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