Dashi Miso, I’m Mad for the Flavor!


I’ve been stalking this container in my asian market for years now.

Michael finally surprised me with it and I just prepared it for lunch.

For $5 I’m probably going to get about 20-30 servings, which is terrific. Note: The freeze dried miso packet is $1 a serving and did I mention it’s freeze dried?

The crazy thing is- we thought the Sushi Chef was yummy, but a tablespoon of this is so flavorful and completely restaurant quality.

I decided to make my maiden voyage with a sense of flair so I toasted sesame seeds, sliced the dried seaweed into thin strips and made a combo of ramen and black rice noodles cooked al dente.

Following the lead of the The Master in The Netflix hit: Midnight Diner, I scooped out the miso, held it in the water and whipped it with my chopsticks until fully dissolved.

I was instantly hit with a fresh miso aroma and when I added the seaweed and sesame seeds– that was it!

Michael said it was the best Japanese inspired meal I’ve made to date, and being super-critical of myself, I’m going to have to agree.

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