VistaPrint Review

I needed business cards. I hate business cards but I want to work more, so I need something to hand out when friends ask, “What are you doing now?”


I decided to try Vistaprint’s heavy card stock business cards. Like everything for myself- I rushed.
I decided, after seeing my accountant, that I need to rebrand, branch out, and consider a sales force.
This blog is actually considered a marketing piece for my design and writing. For now- it’s just one set of eyes- and me babbling on.
I would hope that anyone considering my services will look to the work I did for paying clients.


So this is my new branding. For the record… there are two phrases that I always spell as one word. The first is “guestlist” and the second is “webdesign.”
No amount of red squiggly lines under these words will make me change how I write them. Perhaps it comes from my use of #hashtags. Whatever. So as you look at my card, webdesign is #mything.


I forgot that I only order 100 for starts. The box was so tiny. 100 cards of this ultra-thickness, stacked, measures up to the height of a card. That’s pretty handy when determining how many are left. The cards were all in good condition. Not great.

The ends of the cards get banged up pretty easily. The sides of the card are white. My design is lighter colored. If my cards were solid black- this white banged up/dented flaw would really stand out and look ugly. So… LIGHT COLORED DESIGNS: YES. DARK COLOR DESIGNS: NO.


Not at all. If I used this product for any of my clients, I’d be looking for a new career. But let’s be fair, Vistaprint is claiming to be “your luxury printer.”
In cases where high quality printing is a must, NO ONLINE PRINTER should be considered unless you have plenty of time to go back and forth and return unsatisfactory work for a reprint. ALWAYS check the service agreements for returns, exchanges, and what they are responsible for.


I think Vistaprint is great for people who want to create “redeemable” coupons- something that will wind up back in their hands.
I would not use this for a long term promo piece that people should reference over and over. In time- these cards will look horrible.
For me, however, they will do the trick. They will also be a great example of what my clients shouldn’t do. We will learn from my mistakes.

From order to arrival- I was very impressed. Very quick. This will come in handy with my nightclub/hospitality clients. Price was super and gets better when the amount ordered rises.


Vistaprint has pretty good accuracy for color and their online proofing system before ordering is helpful.
One thing nonprofessionals should always consider when using any print services… The image on the screen is lit from behind and is emitting light. Colors will always seem electric! Once your design is printed that paper absorbs light and colors will appear normal/boring when compared to the on-screen graphics.
This is not the print services fault. This is science. So unless you are planning on designing your business card to be a little lightbox (cool idea!) You’ll need to get used to color differences.

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