Gloves (Up & Up at Target)

30 gloves in a box or 30 pairs?

Answer: 30 gloves. (see Design below)

I purchased these for my mother to use when caring for my 92 year old grandmother. I was counting on her use notes to review this product and its effectiveness with daily healthcare needs. Two days later and Nana was in the hospital, battling an annoying UTI.

The review will be conducted at a later date and possibly altered to study effectiveness at various household cleaning and maintenance chores.


Product: 5 fingers, comfortable, soft and manageable. Reusable to a point. It’s a rubber glove. Recommended for use? YES. Price? Great, although most people usually just clip a handful from a hospital. Mom’s well-stocked, so removing some from a recent visit to Nana’s hospital room was not necessary.

The Box: Classic UP+UP branding. Keeping cost down with no cellophane windows and monochromatic coloring on the boxes.

Target does rely on color changes to differentiate product variations. This is kind of played. I’d love the opportunity to submit a new branding option.

Filed under “Repairs” as it goes with the types of household cleaning and maintenance products I’ll be adding to this category.


I’ll be interviewing mom in 30 day intervals. Documenting her tasks, successes, and failures with the gloves. I’m curious how many times one glove can be worn before becoming ineffective.

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