Goya Jasmine Rice Day 1

Fragrant and aromatic, Goya Jasmine Rice is imported from Thailand.

This is the way Goya brand describes its product… More about that in the marketing section of this blog post.

The Test

It is fragrant and aromatic, AND it’s one of my favorite food scents. Tonight was no different.

After having a year with less business expenses my taxes went up. My quarterly payments and a payment was needed. That’s ok. I welcome the adjustment and reason to work harder to find more clients. With all of that said, Michael and I needed to find new and creative ways to stretch the income without sacrificing too much.

Sushi from Kisso Sushi Restaurant is a must every Saturday- even if it’s in the smallest of amounts. We’ve cut out take-out bill from $60 (it’s the only night we would dine from a restaurant) down to $35. How are we getting full off of $35 worth of sushi? We are making 1½ cups of fluffy, sticky Jasmine rice from Goya. It comes out to less than 30¢ and the rice is so easy to make that when it comes time to wash the pot- it peels right off the All-Clad stainless pot.

The flavor is always spot on and tasty. Earthy and homey.

Why it’s in this blog

I use rice or noodles in all of our cooking and will continue to experiment for you. Tonight was plain rice. No seasoning. Just water and rice.

The Marketing and Design

Goya is known throughout North America and Central American countries.

From Wiki: Goya Foods, Inc. is an American producer of a brand of foods sold in the United States and many Hispanic countries. The company headquarters is in Jersey City, New Jersey. It is the third largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States, after Bimbo Bakeries and Mission Foods.

Their branding is consistent and highly recognizable in the market as “ethnic aisle” food. Usually sharing shelf space with A Taste Of Thai, La Choy, and various Kosher items. Occasionally Goya brand products will escape the ethnic aisles and find itself in the “general population.”

My Acme market has “the aisle” but I found my Goya Jasmine Rice with every other brand and type of rice they carry. The bold and colorful design of GOYA makes it easy to find. (I also gravitate towards GOYA Olive Oil but that’s a different post later.)

I wouldn’t change the branding- I would change the website. You can tell, when you visit Goya.com that they really don’t rely on the website for extra help in advertising. It feels like it exists because it has to. There are recipes and some low-res images of prepared dishes. It saddens me because it feels like it’s a large brand that has gotten comfortable. WHICH TAKES ME BACK TO MY TAX BILL.
Goya… if you would like to discuss the option of having a small but experienced network of people handle an aggressive and effective overhaul of you online image- PLEASE CONTACT ME AT ONCE! Email me directly at design@lux55.com

What’s Next?

I’ll be trying Goya’s suggested recipe:
Thai Rice with Lime and Cilantro


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