Michael and I each have our own gallon of milk in the fridge. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. But now things have changed since his gallstones earlier this year.

We both made commitments to eat right, watch the sugar, and the bad fats.

I grew up on MILK! Cow’s milk. Loved it- unless it was at someone else’s house. I could drink it at a restaurant- but not at a friend’s house. It always had ‘a taste’ that was unlike my milk at home.

To me- Milk was better than water. Milk for breakfast- with lunch- after dinner- and before bed, until I entered adulthood. Then my love affair started to end. I don’t really know what I replaced it with. I guess coffee? And then with coffee I liked half and half.

Anyway- back to day- Back to the milk. Both of us, pre-gallstones, were Vanilla Soy milk by Silk. Loved it, although it took some time for me to get used to. Michael was able to ditch it right after his attack and go right to Skim/Non-fat milk. Not me. I kicked into Whole Milk again.

There’s that weird taste. Like mild vomit? Not good. It was THE FAT that was making it disgusting to me. I moved over to 2% and the flavor was fresh again- without losing the creaminess.

Today starts my graduation to 1% where I will stay and document until I get my taste buds ready for Skim.

We will be a one milk household again. It’s just going to take time.

How I use it…

I will enjoy the 1% in my coffee, cereal, and by the glass. I’m thinking it will take about 3 months before switching to skim.


We buy our milk at CVS and ACME Markets- the price is comparable to each other.



Well designing a milk label is probably the most boring assignment, reinventing theĀ container would be a fun challenge. I’m 47 years old and cannot remember a different looking plastic gallon container. Over the course of 6 months- I’ll attempt to sketch or doodle a new milk container design for submission to area farms and manufacturers.



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