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It’s been a long while since I touched a Papermate® SHARPWRITER Mechanical Pencil. That was until my neighbor, another writer stormed into my office and threw a bunch on my desk.

First I was always drawn to this yellow, Tweety Bird/M*A*S*H opening credit, cheddar cheese yellow. I just adore it because this pencil is all it’s good for. You can’t wear this color yellow, you just can’t. It’s hideous on anything that’s not writable or edible.

I have never gotten a sore hand from writing with a SHARPWRITER, unlike a wooden pencil. Never a callus or blister. My hands stay dry too.

I find that when I write using the SHARPWRITER, I write for hours and what I write isn’t crap. The plastic and twistie-top helps me concentrate on my articles and designs and not my sore hands or the location of my pencil sharpener.

For someone that had a father that insisted – visible writing under where you erased was a horrible sign of laziness. The most horrible sign of it. He demanded that I erased mistakes until the indentation on the paper virtually vanished. The eraser, the prettiest complimentary shade of pink works, beyond great, with the graphite (lead.)

If I was to have any criticism, it would be towards all graphite pencils, and that is the transferability onto skin and other paper, especially when I’m sketching.

These replaceable and mechanically pencils with “extendable solid pigment core” are available almost everywhere stationery is sold.

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