Miso – Brand: Marukome Organic


There is no soup, right now, that I enjoy more. A simple and light, somewhat salty treat, Miso (みそ or 味噌) is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and koji (the fungus Aspergillus oryzae) and sometimes rice, barley, or other ingredients.  (Portions of above from Wikipedia.)

I switch between three brands and my partner and I enjoy a cup or bowl everyday at noon.

This Japanese staple is high in protein, rich and vitamins and minerals and considered a superfood in some circles. It’s used in traditional and modern cooking. At my local sushi restaurant, the lunch special is served with a complimentary bowl. Kisso Sushi Restaurant in Old City Philadelphia is where I first tasted Miso soup.

My neighbor/writer/fellow Sharpwriter lover was actually the first person who I ever heard say the word Miso. She was on a miso kick a few years back.

Marukome Miso is my middle-ground Miso of the instant soups I’ve tried. It’s got great “cloud” which is what I call the contents when you swizzle a chopstick around. Like a snowglobe of a tasty dust storm. The photo on the package is not exactly accurate. Despite having less seaweed and onion that is shown- the soup is still flavorful. I add less water when I really want a blast of flavor over a satisfying meal.

There is a Nori Seaweed version and also a Tofu version. All three reviews would read the same.


Colorful, fun, and classic Japanese zany, the fonts and mascot are eye-catching. BUT- it’s a juvenile themed design which caused apprehension the first time I went to purchase. I wanted a grown up taste and wasn’t guaranteed I’d get it.

Green Red and Blue- Blue for Nori Seaweed, Red for Tofu, and Green for Green Onion… three servings come in a pack. The price is about $1 a serving.


March: 27th… Green Onion. Weather outside foggy and rainy. Michael and I each had a cup. More greens than onion in our packets.
Flavor: A little more seaweed flavor than usual
Water amount: cup
Temp: cold|cool|warm|hot|very hot|had to let it sit

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